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Zingama Jig

Bright Nickel Plating, Fluorescent Tubing on Hook, Stainless Split Ring,
Quality Treble Hook, Individually Packaged.

Great for: Weakfish, Striped Bass, Codfish, Mackerel, Snappers, and Bluefish.

Zingama Jig - 3/8 oz.

Price: $3.75

Zingama Jig - 7/8 oz.

Price: $3.95

Zingama Jig - 1 1/4 oz.

Price: $5.00

Zingama Jig - 2 oz.

Price: $5.50

Zingama Jig - 3 oz.

Price: $5.75

Zingama Jig - 9 oz.

Price: $16.00

Zingama Jig - 13 oz.

Price: $21.00

Zingama Jig - 17 oz.

Price: $22.00
Zingama Jig

Zing Products - Zingama Jig

Zingama Jig

Zing Bluefish Hook Solid Wire

Two 7/O hooks per package for $2.29 (ZBHSW-2PK)

  • Black swivel
  • 9-inch overall
  • 7/0 bronzed O'Shaughnessy hook
  • AFW 150 lb. solid wire

Bluefish Hook Solid Wire

Zing Products - Bluefish Rig

Zing Bluefish Rig

$3.70 each (#ZBF-RIG)

  • 24-inch overall
  • Two drop (hi-lo)
  • Black sleeves
  • Black swivel & duo lock snap
  • 7/0 bronzed O'Shaughnessy hooks
  • 80# test black nylon coated stainless wire

Bluefish Rig

Zing Products - Bluefish Rig

Zing Wire Leaders

$3.29 / Package of (2)-(#ZWL)

  • Black swivel
  • Black Coastlock snap swivel
  • Black nylon-coated stainless wire (60# test-24 in)
  • Black sleeves (stamped)

Zing Wire Leaders

Zing Products - Bluefish Wire Leaders

Zing Snapper Stopper

$2.99 each (#ZSS)

  • 40 lb. Test Mono
  • Popping Float (Weighted)
  • 36 inches overall
  • #4 Gold Hook
  • Natural Teaser
  • Fluorescent Beads

Zing Snapper Stopper

CC Shads - 3 1/2 oz.

A simple, but highly effective lure for all game fish that live and feed in deep, fast-moving water. This bait can be cast, jigged, or trolled. These silver colored lead lures are available with white, blue, or green prism tape and red prism "bug eyes." Designed with a stainless steel thru-wire and have a tough epoxy coating. They also feature a 7/O hand-tied bucktail hook.

Prism tape colors: White, Blue, Green

CC Shads - 3 1/2 oz.

CC312 - Price: $6.99
Select Color:

CC Shads

CC Squid - 3 1/2 oz.

Colors: Pink, Chartreuse, White, Dark Red - 6/0 Hook

CC Squid
3 1/2 oz.

Price: $5.99
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Glow in the Dark
CC Squid - 3 1/2 oz.

Price: $6.29
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CC Squid